Моё любимое в «Curly Sue»

Sue: l want to have seven babies. l’m naming them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… Saturday, and Bill. After Bill.

Grey: Can l ask you why you call your father Bill?

Sue: Well… if l’m in a crowded place and l yell… »Dad! » 50 guys would turn around.
lf l yell »Bill! » may be two will turn around.

Grey: lt’s a timesaver, really.

И ещё:

Grey: Your dad sure ate a lot for someone who doesn’t feel well.

Sue: Well, he’s like a camel with a hump. You know how camels keep food and water in their humps? Only his hump is his stomach. l’m sure he feels awful, but when you’ve a chance to load the hump… you load the hump. That’s our philosophy.

Grey: You’re a smart little girl.

Sue: l’m very smart. l know a lot of stuff.


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